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Crown Hand Tools Sheffield

Since their introduction, our high speed steel woodturning tools have rapidly become the favorites of many discerning woodturners worldwide.  Made from M2 high speed steel (rockwell 62/64) and fitted with ergonomically designed stained beech or rosewood handles with heavy duty brass ferrules, these tools are beautifully effective, giving up to six times the edge life of carbon tools.  

M2 HSS Turning Tools

Sets in M2 HSS Woodturning Tools

Barley Twist Gouge

Bead Forming Tools

Bowl Finishing Scraper

Bowl Gouge

Box Scraper

Combination Left & Right Handed Captive Ring Tools

Detail Gouges

Dovetail Scraper

Heavy Duty Scraper

Oval Skew Chisels

Parting Tools

Pro-PM’ Powder Metallurgy High Speed Turning Tools

Ring Tools

Rolled Edge Radius Skew

Roughing Out Gouge

Round Nose Scraper

Shell Auger

Skew Chisels

Spearpoint and Hook Nose Scrapers

Spindle Gouges

Square End Scraper

Square Hollowing Tools