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Crown Hand Tools Sheffield

Cryogenic Woodturning Tools

It has long been understood that by subjecting metal tools to elevated temperatures and then rapidly cooling them, the properties of the metal can be altered.  This happens because the crystal structure of the metal is altered to change the way the metal reacts when in use.


The two main crystals in tooling steel are the larger and softer austenite and the smaller, more stable martensite.  Through heat treatment, we look to transform the austenite to marten site to produce steel with good wear characteristics and an amount of ductile properties.


When combined with a good quality heat treatment, the cryogenic process greatly enhances the austenic transformation.  Also at these extreme temperature of -301F (-185C), fine ‘eta’ carbides are formed within the carbon structure.  Growing very slowly and only at these very low temperatures, ‘eta; carbides are extremely small and act as a ‘filler’ between the other crystals in the metal.


The combined effect of the cryogenic processing is to produce a refined crystal structure in your hand tool that will give a lifetimes service by producing a blade that will retain its edge longer and give a superior ‘feel’ in use.




Q Will my blade need re-treating after time?

A No, cryogenics is a once only, through tool treatment


Q Couldn’t I get the same effect by ‘dipping’ my blade in  Nitrogen?

A No, you will produce thermal shock in the tool making it unstable.   We use a sealed chamber that is computer controlled to give  repeatable quality levels.  The process takes several days to  complete.


Q What happens when I re-sharpen my blade?

A Use a gently sharpening motion with plenty of coolant, that way  you will need to remove less worn tool than before to produce a  perfect edge.





Cryogenic Woodturning Tool List


Bead Forming Tool

Bowl Gouges

Bowl Finishing Scraper

Combination Captive Ring Tool

Detail Gouges

Dovetail Scraper

H.D. Scrapers

Hollowing Tool

Hook Nose Scraper

Mushroom Tool

Multi Tip Scraper

Oval Skew

Parting Tools

Radius Skew Chisel

Roughing Out Gouges

Round Nose Scraper

Round Skew


Side Cutting Scrapers

Skew Chisels

Spindle Gouges

Square End Scrapers

Three Point Tool

Wedge Tools